Christine Chapman, DO
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Trenton, Florida
(352) 463-2374

After finishing medical school and residency training in 2003, the decision was made to relocate from South Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale, where I had grown up and trained to North Central Florida to start my career and family. Since beginning Nova Southeastern Medical School, I have always known that Family Medicine would be my field of choice. I find it very interesting and such a pleasure to care for a wide variety of patients and when they are related (which what makes Family Medicine "Family") it makes it even more interesting and even more pleasurable. Upon obtaining a position at Trenton Medical Center now Palms Medical Group, I have continued to work with the community of Trenton and surrounding areas, even going to cover the PMG Family Care location in Williston and on Saturdays the pediatric PMG center in Chiefland. Being an active part of my community health care center also allows me to make health care recommendations in effort to practice the best medicine as possible without excluding any patients. Since moving to the one-stop-light town of Trenton, I have added numerous patients to my patient load, and years to my career practicing medicine. In September I will have worked at PNG for ten years! I am married to my husband Mike, and now have four children, two girls and two boys. I am very happy practicing Family Medicine and happy and grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in the lives of my family and lives of my patients and their family as well.


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