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John Frazier, DC
Chiropractic & Massage Therapy
Trenton, Florida

Dr. John Frazier, Chiropractic Neurologist, has over 30 years’ experience and sees patients at our Trenton and Bell locations. Chiropractic care offers a drug-free approach to allowing the human body to obtain and maintain the maximum potential of health. Using chiropractic techniques, Dr. Frazier, focuses on removing any interference from the neurological system of the body. Originally from Ohio, he brings 20+ years of Chiropractic experience to Palms Medical Group, where he has been treating patients of all ages at the Trenton and Williston facilities for a number of years. Dr. Frazier sees the patients for complaints ranging from headaches to lower back pain and believes that “the power that made the body will heal the body” by aligning the spine. He has a specialization in Neurology which gives him a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the brain and helps in treating many behavior issues in children. He enjoys working with athletes in treating sports injuries. He graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College, in Davenport, Iowa, where he met his wife, Sheila. They are the proud parents of four children and live in Trenton, Florida. He is very optimistic regarding providing Chiropractic Services for the Palms network of clinics.