Palms Medical Group is a not-for-profit health care provider committed to bringing quality, affordable primary care and preventative services to you.


Palms Medical Group provides dental care at Palms Dentistry in Lake City, Trenton and Williston, Florida. Our Lake City office serves patients from age 3 to adults. Our Trenton and Williston offices serve patients aged 18 months (with their first erupted tooth) to 20.

In Lake City: We currently do not accept any commercial or private insurances. We accept Medicaid HMO’s. Please note that Dental Medicaid insurances have frequency limitations on their covered services that you may be responsible for at the time of your visit. We also offer a sliding fee program. We also offer same day appointments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

In Trenton / Williston: Palms Dentistry of Trenton accepts all Medicaid HMO’s, Argus and MCNA through the Florida Healthy Kids Plan, and any commercial PPO’s with out-of-network benefits except for Delta Dental. Please note we charge a $10 processing fee for commercial insurances. We also offer a sliding fee program and other financial assistance options.

Dental services include:

  • Comprehensive Oral Exams
  • Limited Oral Exams
  • Periodic Oral Exams
  • Fillings – one or more surfaces
  • Dental Cleanings – adult and children
  • Sealants
  • Extractions – simple, surgical and wisdom (some referrals to oral surgeons may be necessary)

Our Dental Centers